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Wow.. your "creepy" threshold is set very low.
As part of the "furry paradigm".
In most furry universes all 3 creature types
existed in the same universe.
Furry, animals and humans...
So it's not out of the question a furry role playing a non-anthro or a human playing a pet for a furry.


File: 137419748772.png (47.5 KB, 230x230, f56081_1285549575672.png) Google iqdb

hell why not ill fap to it...


Uhhhhm, doesnt look 7:30 to me...


The only creepy thing there is how he goes out of his way to portray how she behaves inhuman, and than make goes out of his way to make her look human.

Actually, when I think about it, the double standard of going out of his way to make her look human while the shep gets a free pass is way creepier.


File: 137678185465.jpg (433.62 KB, 765x895, 1188416248776.jpg) Google iqdb

I should note... this isn't THAT bad. Pretty much everything she did there are things done by human submissives: bondage, cageplay, "puppyplay," and so on.

Naylor's done MUCH worse. His "Fall of Red Riding Hood" series, for example. At least this time around the human male is enjoying himself with an eager lassie, instead of being turned into an emasculated sissy slave to demonstrate Randian Objectivist superiority whatever.

Have another Naylor pic to remind ourselves that, as much of a twit as he might be, he wouldn't be so annoying if he didn't draw decent art.

File: 137664154640.jpg (71.93 KB, 347x364, halp-cat.jpg) Google iqdb


A couple years ago, I saw around here a comic about 3 equines... Well, one of them didn't look like one, but there was this young donkey and a pegasus. This last one was a champion on a sport, and I think his name was Thunderbolt... or something alike... When the action starts on the comic, both the donkey and the other weird equine take a shower, they start throwing water at each other, then it turns "gay" the situation. Somehow the pegasus look at them at the showers, join them and then they make a trio. At the end of the comic, the donkey seems to be growing wings. I has been searching for this comic for about 6 months... Someone got it?
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I cannot remember what the comic was but all i can remember is that it had a kangaroo that had robot parts that interacts with you
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Thats it
Thanks :)

File: 137575155652.png (1.06 MB, 850x1100, fc93223_bxjpg2.png) Google iqdb


can some 1 help me find the rest of this plz


leosaeta or seth-iova is the artist

it's incomplete.



love for him to compleat it

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Speaking of comics, anyone have this one from Freckles?


File: 137494496945.jpg (1.25 MB, 2040x2640, CollegeDays01.jpg) Google iqdb



File: 137524847913.jpg (1.68 MB, 2040x2640, CollegeDays02.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137524851235.jpg (1.64 MB, 2040x2640, CollegeDays03.jpg) Google iqdb


this is godawful





I didn't want to say anything.
People get buttthurt when people don't like their preferred artist.

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Found this today, thought it was worth sharing.. .

Note : After downloading the .png, just open it with winrar (or use the unzip command)


I don't trust this dude


It really has some stories, I checked


File: 137419820723.jpg (40.83 KB, 500x375, not-sure-if-want.jpg) Google iqdb

hmmm on crap computer... bored out of my mind... has winrar... =-= should i do it guys?


Contains a PDF file. You might have to rename to .zip before you can extract.


Its a PDF file with several furry stories inside of it. You do need to change the extension to .zip and then extract the pdf.

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Where can I find this I know there's since i had it once before
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well start in ben 10 porn


If this is a comic I positivity, absolutely want it too... Please :-)



You are FUCKING AWESOME who ever you are thank you

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can we restart this thread also
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furries are famous among artists for having low standards and being ridiculously loose with their money. i know of numerous artists who absolutely despise furries and find them incredibly gross and creepy to deal with but they draw and sell furry porn (and anime porn, to be fair) because it's one of the most profitable things you can do with your time if you can draw.


Love how quick to judge and this generalized opinions are being spouted as if spoken from evidence. Zaush has never been a intensely committed furry artist, im sure he has something called a life, and a real job. THats the thing people tend to forget about furry artists 90% of them have real jobs and real lives and just draw as a hobby to earn extra cash. "i know of numerous artists who absolutely despise furries and find them incredibly gross and creepy to deal with" yes that might be due to the fact that TONS of people think furries are creepy just because its a giant fan base that sexualizes animals that many consider to be boarder line bestiality. So it doesn't help perpetuating stereotypes and generalizations. Especially when you're hypocritical enough to be talking about it on a furry page, just because you're upset that Zaush doesn't cater to the whime of his fans when they want a comic or his artwork in the blink of an eye.

"lmao...furries are idiots. No one would pay anything up-front to commission a REAL artist." ya you're right, cause a REAL artist doesn't usually do business online across states and across countries and when they do they actually DO have charges it doesn't matter if it's started or not you've paid that artist to start drawing and you're paying that artist for the work done or expect to be sued. So it's fairly normal for artists to ask for payment upfront, especially when you can pay for half, say you don't like the art and just run off for a full commission half price. This isn't like a REAL piece of art where you hang a physical portrait on your bloody wall, this is entirely digital. The rules are different. So stop trolling and be thankful Zaush is back.

instead of nagging about the time it takes, how about take appreciation for the value of the art not the quantity that's put out and under what time scale. Spend as much time learning to draw as you do bitching you might be half talented artist to draw your own porn.


sounds like you're a little butthurt

see, i didn't get defensive when that guy called furries idiots because 1) they are and 2) i'm not

be careful when you write, you don't always say what you intended


and i could give a shit about this guy or commissions, i would never spend money on furry porn in a million years, even if i was Carlos Slim.


Sir knight, would you like your armor to be white, or extra white?

File: 137332302683.png (138.25 KB, 547x1280, 1_81_u18chan.png) Google iqdb


Who has the whole comic? Please post it.
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File: 137394273653.png (229.54 KB, 835x1280, 1373861393_fasttrack37d_ke….png) Google iqdb


god this guy couldn't draw his way out of a wet paper bag

ovals, ovals everywhere. piles of ovals. all muscles are ovals


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