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Demotivational Poster

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good stylish mlp cosplay request


Unable to comply.

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Anything, as long as it contains MLP. Try to keep fanchars at a minimum, but crossover characters are fine.
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Donate 5$ and you can vote for whatever thing you want them to parody


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Its been Decided that they are going to do a parody of MLP:FIM. Lets make this happen.
If anyone is interested i can post some of their mlp cosplay pics


my boner could not be any softer right now


dose any one have the full set of
the queen chrysalis one


Hell, post all you got! My body is ready for some amateur cosplay pony sexiness

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i think tiarawhy deserves a link dedicated to the strip dance pony flashes so here we go
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anyone know if there is anymore of this comic out??


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8 months passed with that page in his scraps section......
I dont think it will ever be finished.

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Does this count for here? And srry still vaguely new to my digital tablet :3 I'm better with my sketchbook XP if someone actually likes it ill draw more if people don't think it's total crap XDD

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1.- Go to Youtube.
2.- In the searchbox, type "bronies" or "ponies" (without the "") and hit enter.
3.- when the list of videos is loaded, wait a few seconds.
4.- Friendship is Magic XD

Another one, but not so "awesome":

1.- Again in Youtube, type one name of the next list and hit enter:

twilight sparkle
pinkie pie
rainbow dash
princess celestia
princess luna
derpy hooves
dr. whooves
big macintosh
apple bloom
sweetie belle
2.- Look at the searchbox


i dont get it what is the point of this thread

Oh if you search for "thing" the search engine returns lots of results related to "thing"! almost as if it was designed for that specific purpose! wow!@!


also all you pony nerds need to kill youselves

you're like 1000x more shameful than furries

not that i dont appreciate you guys taking the bottom of the internet totem pole and all, just, wow, goddamn. you're a bunch of losers.


>>9707 >>9708

You guys didn't actually try it, or you'd know what he was talking about. It is pretty cool.


Okay, here's the spoiler: Apparently YouTube has set it up so that when you follow the instructions above, about 5-7 seconds after the page is completely done loading, you'll see a random pony sprite run across the results screen.

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