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Last one was taken down due to ???. Re-do time. Also, if anyone can tell me why it was taken down I would sincerely appreciate it.
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Part 2

Also, this is now a big thread.


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There is a topic in the General Discussion area about whether or not TF deserves its own board. Given that it has more than 1000 images of varying nature, I'm inclined to say that it does. I know that many (most) of the images in this thread really shouldn't be in Comics, because they...aren't comics.

I'd like to see it have its own section, with threads for things like male TF, female TF, herm TF, inanimate TF, non-anthro TF, sexual TF, TF comics, TF one-shots, TF sequences, TG, and so on and so forth. Rather than having this colossal single thread with everything stuffed into it, you could just look for the things you like.

That said, I could use a little support on the topic. Don't spam the place up, but if you agree that TF is prolific enough to warrant its own area, please weigh in on the topic in the discussion area. Hopefully, enough of a show of support for the idea will sway the admins in favor of the idea.


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>>17841 >>17845 >>17862 >>18327
Users of Paws, May I have your attention please.
People have a Discussion on the Discussion Board about the ¨TF Board¨.
Should there be one or shouldn´t?

I´d love to see all this on a board instead on the Comic board.
This is the 3rd TF-threat and there would be an chance that this one would disappear too.

Would you mind giving a shout on the Discussion about the TF board?
Thank you.

~On the best hopes of a better and more active PawsRu!



I don't think it'd be that great of a board. Many TF pics are one-offs and lots of the sequenced ones don't even have names. It seems, at least to me, that they would all just end up in one massive thread like this one again for the most part or a punch of single-post threads that would spam the board and make it hard to sort through.

Just my opinion, but yeah I say not a good idea.


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There is so much variety in this stuff that it seems like it would be a disservice to not have a board for it. It doesn't fit well in the gendered boards (especially the transgender stuff) and it would be nice to sort out the TFs by, sequences, severity, triggers, species, etc . . .

I'm all for it.


A TF board would be amazing. There are so many different types of TFs out there that a board would really help organize everything.

I think it would be a great idea to have a test period and see how it goes. If it goes well keep it. If it goes badly then get rid of it.


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I am moving on to a Greener Boards.



that would be nice


It is Reality!


No more loading over 1000 pictures all the time and having an nice Board to make things easy to find~!

TF Board ~ Been made!


Maybe an Admin took it down thinking /tf/ trumps /fc/?


this thread pre-dates the /tf/ board, you know, right?


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Oh gigantic TF thread. What shall we do with you?


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Oh gigantic TF thread. What shall we do with you?


Here is an archive of the whole thread
http://www.multiupload.nl/AC1G9O3A5Z 1117pic 293.64 MB


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Skipping page 1 and 2 because they are the cover and legal info, going right to the story.

Drenai are space-goats so it works for me!


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Hope you enjoyed!
Decently good mass TG TF into Drenai women so I felt it fits.
Could live without the mindless sex toy angle.


Whatever happened to that? Was it ever completed, or does anybody know?

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